heather day

Movement, color, and composition are three things that are instantly visible when looking at the work of Heather Day. The Bay Area based painter has a keen eye for striking a balance and interest all while painting with her "non-traditional" materials. Acrylic spray paint, graphite, and soft pastels are used creating bold motion filled works. Day's Instagram of the artist also provides a peek at her process, colored sketches in different locations provide a look at how she breaks down shapes and palettes. 


Art in Day's words, "I travel seeking stories of all kinds—stories behind people, places, sound, and nature—and bring them home to my San Francisco studio to create an interpretation. Each of us sees the world differently through a screen of personal experiences. I choose to communicate my interpretations through layers of overlapping paint, expressing moments at every seam, edge, and line. Each mark represents my language of dynamic motion, allowing compositions to read like handwriting—from one side to another."

Source: http://heatherday.com/