cabin fever

It is as cold as it looks... I understand the snow and bone chilling cold are par for the course in the tundra but I have officially gone stir crazy. After bugging everyone around me for entertainment, I figured I had better settle in and find a few ways to distract myself. Otherwise I will continue to whine about this subzero hellhole and it's only January.

My current list of distractions:

Recipe test all the soups. Favorites so far: whatever you want soupchicken and dumplings, and a family staple roasted butternut squash and curry.

Delve into the black whole of online shopping for a little home refresh. Eyeing this bath mat, this statement lamp, and finally plotting with my dad as to how we could build this bed frame.

Dream trip plot with the latest NYT 52 Places to Go list.

Over listen to this playlist. Go see the movie, it's a grown up High School Musical fans dream (or skip it if that sounds awful to you).

I am also tearing through books. I loved Homegoing, would skip Sweetbitter (not a fave) and just started reading Swing Time. Any other suggestions are welcome.

And finally podcast binging on Who? Weekly. Thank you Emmy.