real scale drawing

Drafting floor plans by hand and with the help CAD programs is my day to day with school, but seeing this design technique has me wanting a huge asphalt parking lot and a few rolls of tape. Architect Håkon Matre Aasarød of Vardehaugen, an Oslo-based firm and his team have developed a method of 'real scale drawing'. The team maps out drawings on the courtyard behind Vardehaugen’s studio using lasers, chalk, and tape. The drawings help them to better visualize  and allow a form of human occupation in the space. By understanding size and proportion, the layouts allow the architects to 'walk through' and gain a better understanding of the space.

See more of their designs on Vanderhaugen's Instagram.

Vardehaugen ArkitekterVardehaugen ArkitekterVardehaugen ArkitekterVardehaugen Arkitekter