a note from the brow queen

Hello! Amanda here, remember my witty recap of T-Swift? Well I'm back with a necessary how to for those brows of yours...

Eye Brow 101:Lily Collins

The day bold, thick brows came back in style, I cried sweet tears of joy. Cursed blessed with bushy, full, Frida Kahlo-inspired caterpillars, my eyebrows were the source of great anxiety in my adolescent years. Teased for having dark brows with my blonde hair, I hated my forehead accessories. Now, I consider them a defining feature. But it took me until college to truly figure out how to tame the beasts. See below for my guide on how to keep your brows on point (no matter your level of expertise).

Before you get started, I highly recommend getting your brows groomed by a trusted professional that understands the natural shape of your arch. It's important to start your brow journey with a clean slate.


For the perfectionistAnastasia Bev Hills

My best friend is the Anastasia Brow Whiz Pencil. It takes practice, but anyone can become a brow master with this tool for a cool $21. With a steady hand, use light stokes to outline your naturalshape, and fill in any gaps. After you've finished drawing, use the brush end to buff out your eyebrows, combing upwards. The buffing eliminates any smudges or heavy handed lining, leaving your brows perfectly drawn in and groomed!

For the willing beginner Anastasia Bevelry Hills

If the accuracy of the pencil scares you, I recommend a brush and powder option. Once again, Anastasia provides the best with the Brow Powder Duo. Using an angled eyeliner brush, you can easily outline your brow and fill in any sparse areas combining the light and dark powders. The powder is lightweight and smudge-proof, making this option fool-proof.

For the girl on the goBobbi Brown

If you can't be bothered with an eyebrow routine, look no further than the user-friendly brow gel. This speedy option is simply mascara for your brows. Give your eyebrows a few light swipes in the morning and you're set for the day! This minimalist option tames any unruly hairs and completes your look. I love the Bobbi Brown Natural Shaper for touch ups.

If you're brow obsessed (as I am), you can use all three options! Just avoid over-doing it, or you'll look very Groucho Marx.