springing forward

Springing ForwardA timely history lesson for your weekend (#punny)...

"Daylight Savings Time was first enacted as an energy-saving measure during World War I — on the idea that moving forward an hour meant one fewer evening hour during which electric lights were needed— it was so unpopular that Congress immediately repealed it after the war.

What followed was a time of chaos, when municipalities were free to set clocks according to their preferences. (Imagine cities in the same states setting their own time, it happened, it was wack.)

It took another war to standardize the time again, in 1942 the clocks across the country were set ahead an hour for the duration of World War II. After the war Congress called for year-round Daylight Saving Time, again with the goal of conserving energy." And this time it stuck. (via Time)

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P.S. not all countries use Daylight Savings Time

P.P.S. This time last year we were here, take me back!