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Minnesota Made

I will be the first to admit I NEVER would have guessed that Minnesotans would be "trendy" and I say that as a MN native! But today's WSJ article and the current movement of a few fashion forward tundra-ites will have you thinking otherwise. Succession from the Midwest has some Minnesotans now referring to their homeland as simply the "North". With long lasting, quality goods, the rest of the nation is taking notice and jumping aboard the Minnesota made train. From Barney's to Target, big names are picking up 100 year old brands and making them available nationwide.

Tom Fisher, dean of the design school at the University of Minnesota, has also been speaking out for “North,” saying that robust heritage is what makes Minnesota stand out. “Innovation comes of adversity,” he says. (via)

Functional designs that have withstood the test of time (and below zero temps) are now popping up in stores from San Francisco to New York. I was shopping recently and saw Faribault blankets on display in a store on my street. It was a proud moment for this Minnesotan!

A few of my MN favorites: Redwing kicks, Sanborn paddle, Great Lakes hatFaribault blanket, Hackwith sweater

You go Minnesota!