how easy is that?

Ina Make It Ahead

Drumroll please...

The unofficial queen of cooking Ina Garten released Make It Ahead last week, the 9th work in her arsenal of best sellers. The Hamptons based Garten, known for her easy, delicious cooking has done it again. The cookbooks caters to hosts who like to enjoy the party, with pre-prepped recipes so chefs can spend more time with their guests instead of in the kitchen. Sign me up, the last thing I want to do when people are gathered is be sequester in the kitchen.

"In this book, the roast chicken with arugula was inspired by two people: the chef from Standard Grill in NYC and the late Judy Rogers from Zuni Cafe." That in itself people should be enough to make you buy this cookbook. The chicken from Zuni Cafe in San Francisco is hands down, the BEST I have ever tasted. Sidenote, even Buzzfeed knows Ina is a boss.

Do yourself a favor and order a copy, so you can prance around the kitchen (in a crisp button down channeling Ina) as your guests rave over your food.