say hello to indian summer

Indian SummerSan Franciscans rejoice! Our summer is finally here and in full force. With a few days over 80 degrees in the forecast and fog-less sunshine there is a LOT to celebrate!

SF Indian Summer Survival Checklist

Ice cream hot spots for sweaty afternoons

Hiking trails for you active folks

Order this from Google Shopping Express, you won't regret it

Patio List for cocktail hour(s)

Beaches to cool off at (we all know that no one in SF has AC)

Stock up on this, we don't see this much sun ever

Pack a picnic and head to the park, 46 good options

Head to the movie theater, order some popcorn, enjoy the AC and watch this

Pile in the car and take a day trip to escape the suffocating city

Happy weekend, enjoy the sunshine and break out those shorts you get to wear once a year!