frank & funny

A little Thursday pick me up...

I am a sucker for cards, greeting cards, birthday cards, holiday cards, any card really; ergo finding a new card line is almost as great as finding the perfect sweater... Drumroll for Frank & Funny, these cards are hilarious! A coworker and I found the gems at Kinkos, who would have thought! The line was founded by David Crow, a Seattle stand-up comic and his is the only line written completely and exclusively by  professional stand-up comedians. Take a peek!

Frank & Funny Image 1Fitness Tip (this one might be my favorite!) // I bought you a goldfish

Frank & Funny Image 2For your eyes only // Skinny Jeans

I will take one of each please!!

Shop the complete line of cards here. Frank & Funny cards are made right here in the good ol' USA.  Laughs you can feel good about sharing? That's worth passing on!