albuquerque, nm

We had a bit of a family reunion this past weekend in Albuquerque, at the Los Poblanos Inn. The Inn doubles as an organic farm and features a shop where all of the products made on the premises are sold #lavendarheaven. My dad went to med school at UNM and my parents lived in Albuquerque right after they were married. It's always fun to see their old stomping grounds.

Brief historical side note:

Albuquerque is also known as the "Duke City". In the early 1700's Spanish colonists were given permission to start a new city along the banks of the Rio Grande. The governor of the colony wrote to the Duke of Albuerquerque in Spain about the new settlement and its name: the Villa de Albuquerque (the first r was dropped after some time). And over 300's years later "Duke City" has stuck as an affectionate nickname.

Here are a few photos from the trip...

Los PoblanosThe Farm Shop at Los Poblanos.

Albuquerque SkyLook closely, you can see all of the ballooners up on their morning flight!

new mexico widlifeSome drought resistant plant friends.

Farm Suites at Los PoblanosLike a breath of fresh air the rooms are sequestered into small groups facing courtyards.

Los Poblanos Farm StoreThe Farm Shop was my happy place. The Cleansing Bar and Lavender Shampoo are my new jam.

 Nothing can beat that New Mexico blue!