meeting the butter queen

I spent a long Labor Day weekend at home in Minnesota filled with food, family, and of course the state fair!

A few photos from the weekend are below...

Backyard @ home

Afternoons were spent in the sunshine playing cornhole!

Wise Acre

 I ate for the first time at Wise Acre in Minneapolis, sidenote: it's the only restaurant in the US that is farm owned! You go Minnesota, bringing a whole new meaning for farm to table.

Butter Queen

We went to the state fair. Man, it was a blast. We met the real life butter queen, this year's Princess Kay of the Milky Way. The 10 year old in me was in awe (to bad suburban kiddos can't be in 4-H to qualify for the title or my childhood would have been complete).

MN State Fair

Scenes from the fair.

4H girls

Pig ears at the Swine Barn are a necessary stop at the fair!

Great Lakes Love

Great Lakes Co. loves the Minnesota State Fair.


Antique shopping was done at Hunt & Gather, however my mom is still convinced there are dead bodies in the store hiding behind the piles of gems.

Corn Hole Peanut Gallery

The cornholes traveled with us to dinner at our family friends, the peanut gallery was entranced in the match.

Happy Bikers

Biking around the lakes and to the farmers market! Happy little bikers!

Lake Harriet, MN

Until next time Minnie.