how to's

Does Andie  Anderson the resident "How to" girl at Composure magazine from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days pop into your head as soon as you hear the phrase? No? Just me?

Obviously the movie is saved on TiVo in our apartment due to frequent viewing. Also this 2014 take on the movie is hilarious! But back to the issue at hand, who doesn't want a few suggestions on different, new, and sometimes better ways to do simple things.

So without further ado a few of my favorite "How to's" ...

How to fold a fitted sheet.

How to fly around with world for $418.00.

How to make your own natural face masks.

How to fall asleep faster.

How to remove cake from a pan. #gamechanger

How to drink more water.

How to talk to strangers at a party.

How to pick your next read.

And my personal favorite... How to dress like a French girl, more stripes please.