preparing for a winter wonderland

oh christmas tree

San Francisco has no snow. This is not new news.

However it makes heading home for the holidays to Minnesota (a perfectly frigid snow globe this time of year) much-anticipated! Having not lived in the arctic for more than 8 years, I have lost my "Minnesota tough-ness".

Preparation for re-entry:

Checking the weather...and packing as many scarves, socks and pairs of boots that can fit in my suitcase (maybe even investing in this coat and these). Remembering the days when anything above 30 degrees felt like a spring day and was shorts weather.

Dusting off my skates and channeling my inner Michele Kwan whilst preparing for pond skating.

Finding new lefse recipes to share with my mama. Who knew potato flatbread could be such a holiday tradition, thank you dear Norwegians.

Preparing to bare the cold one night to go see the Holidazzle parade.

Reading Thought Catalog's "6 Helpful Tips for Interacting with Minnesotans"  and dying at their accuracy. Especially the part about regional vernacular, uff da!

Most of all I am over the moon excited to see so many faces I have missed so dearly!


There's no place like home!

skatign queens