friday cake

Growing up Fridays at the Adler household meant only one thing, Friday Cake.

After school both my friends and Reed's would clamour home knowing what awaited us! My mama would pop the cake in the oven as soon as we arrived (sidenote the "cake" was actually a giant pan of brownies, no idea why we called it Friday Cake).

She then had a captive audience while we watched time stop as the cake baked (once we were in high school my mom was able to quiz both my friends and my brothers friends on all that was going on, Friday Cake now had a dual purpose)... As soon as the cake was out of the oven, frosted and sprinkled she fed it to the masses.

It was the perfect tradition to cap off the week.

So happy Friday,  I am off to bake and share a Friday Cake!

Kitchen with the mama

Throwback to the kitchen with my mama!